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CL 222 CO 220 The Life of the Soul (Topics in Classics / Topics in Comparative Literature) - Dobson B6 2014-2015This course requires an enrollment key
CL125/HY209 Ancient Multicultures - Cramer B8 2013-14
CL 222 Greek and Roman Sport Thakur Bk 7 2014
CL 219 Greek Drama - Dobson B6 2013-2014This course requires an enrollment key
CL 222/HY 209/ES 200 Race, Ethnicity, and Prejudice in the Ancient World - Leon B6 2013-14
CL 111 Latin for Beginners Thakur Bk 5-6 2014
Classics 222/Comparative Literature 200 New Hellenistic Genres - Cramer B4 2013-14
CL 101 Greek for Beginners - Thakur/Dobson B3/4 2013-14
CL221/HY302 Invention of History - Cramer B3 2013-14
CL 201/301 Reading in Greek - Leon B2 2013-2014
CL115 Introduction to Classical Lit and Archaeology– Thakur B2 2013
Classics 211/311/411 Latin Reading - Roman Drama